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4 things to do immediately when he caught a cold

Timely treatment when cold will help you avoid the flu attack and dangerous complications that! In the cold of winter, the body is more susceptible to cold without warm care. When not treated in time it can cause complications would be harmful to health such as pneumonia, sinusitis, .. So please note the following 4 steps to know what to do when infected nhé cold!

Scary consequence of ingrown nails and Remedy

Follow 4 simple steps that you have to be reshaped ingrown nails "obnoxious" already! Why ingrown nail? Condition ingrown nails mostly occur in toenails. The reason is usually because we cut toenails too frequent, deep cut, cut cut improperly ... When you look at the sides of the nail, it will irritate the foundations rest, causing ingrown nails inside, penetrating deep into the fleshy part of ...

Cacao - both delicious and healthy drinks for winter

In addition to making the body warm, delicious cocoa also very beneficial for skin and health that! Good for the heart


Perception is a disease common winter, but the flu can lead to serious complications that! Flu is a common disease in the winter when the body is weak, cold climate up and tougher.  The flu is often accompanied by fever, when high fever can lead to dangerous complications. On the other hand, the flu, we become much weaker and this is an opportunity for these pathogens attack the body. 

frozen food

Psychology buy frozen to ... reserves gradually Year season can make your health be paid for this! Food poisoning The use of frozen food for a long time very vulnerable to this condition. Whether in low-temperature environments, there are a lot of bacteria and harmful elements from entering our food.Then, we will go into the body when we eat these foods. Some bacteria also decompose if your food in the refrigerator too long.

Do subjective phenomenon charged sweaters in winter, this may be the cause of many unfortunate accidents that! Sometimes in the winter, you'll encounter the case touching objects and ...startled as electrocution.This is the current that is accumulated sweater from the air, clinging on our skin, causing electric start with some objects and chemicals.