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Psychology buy frozen to ... reserves gradually Year season can make your health be paid for this! Food poisoning The use of frozen food for a long time very vulnerable to this condition. Whether in low-temperature environments, there are a lot of bacteria and harmful elements from entering our food.Then, we will go into the body when we eat these foods. Some bacteria also decompose if your food in the refrigerator too long.

 Therefore, many cases of food poisoning, abdominal pain, diarrhea, diarrhea, acute diarrhea ... occurred from eating frozen food for a long time.

Beware of cancer from eating frozen food for a long time

Adverse impact on body parts

Not only the loss of nutrients, frozen food for a long while so many potential hazards to health. The wait too long to make food easy deterioration, not only that the food was turned into a place of accumulation of disease-causing germs, including bacteria, viruses, toxic substances.

When putting food into use, the harmful factors would "move" into the parts of the body, especially the internal organs, causing dysfunction of these organs and cause disease . Maybe, you do not see ill or encounter any signs immediately after eating, but it is inside the body, accumulate and cause illness later. It includes a lot of stomach disease, colon, intestine, liver ... but we will suffer later.

Toxic carcinogen

According to a new study in Nigeria, frozen food, particularly frozen meat contains cancer-causing toxin very high. Also caused by poor food quality, to be frozen too long and makes the food decomposes and "catch" cancer-causing toxins. This is one of the causes of increasing number of people with cancer in recent times.

Note the use of frozen food:

- Buy products from reputable establishments, certified quality assurance.

- Do not get frozen food too long, it is best to use immediately after purchase or only for 2-3 days, so the food in the freezer, it should not be more than 3 months and should ensure preservation temperature.

- Do not thaw food at room temperature, instead, be thawed in the refrigerator compartment cool.

- Do not freeze the food after thawing.