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Follow 4 simple steps that you have to be reshaped ingrown nails "obnoxious" already! Why ingrown nail? Condition ingrown nails mostly occur in toenails. The reason is usually because we cut toenails too frequent, deep cut, cut cut improperly ... When you look at the sides of the nail, it will irritate the foundations rest, causing ingrown nails inside, penetrating deep into the fleshy part of ...


Another cause is also likely to cause ingrown nails condition is caused by tight shoes we go, leaving a nail jammed into the meat, which affects the shape of the nail and makes it unable to develop normally. This also leads to the ingrown nail.

Harm's condition ingrown nails

Pain, discomfort

The first consequence that you may incur as ingrown nails-is the pain, itching, discomfort caused by the foundation penetrating deep into the meat. Along with that, it will obstruct the movement and cause inconvenience in daily activities.


As the nail grows into the deep, along with the impact when we move very easily cause bleeding.Ingrown nails also affects the sanitation of pedicure and create conditions for the bacteria, fungus infection. The consequences will be inflammation, discharge, foot fungus diseases, fungal nail ...

Affecting both legs

Condition ingrown nails if not corrected soon leads to severe inflammation. In the long term, it may affect both feet, even our feet. Meanwhile, the treatment will be very difficult and costly.


How to treat the ingrown nails at home

Also, when the manicure, you should note that all the meat to long nails, avoid cutting too deep.When cutting nails, we should just cut to the outline of the finger. Also, be sure the shoes fit, smooth, avoid wearing tight shoes because it will put pressure on the toenail.