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Timely treatment when cold will help you avoid the flu attack and dangerous complications that! In the cold of winter, the body is more susceptible to cold without warm care. When not treated in time it can cause complications would be harmful to health such as pneumonia, sinusitis, .. So please note the following 4 steps to know what to do when infected nhé cold!


Balancing the body temperature

The first job when it's cold infection quickly causing the body to warm up. A glass of warm water will work very well as the temperature can get back inside. We should also note that warms the body slowly, not too suddenly to avoid thermal shock - because temperatures in person this time is low. Also, the Heat from the outside with blankets or cotton is also essential to stabilize body temperature.

Sleep to regain health

This time the body temperature has stabilized after being warmed, but health is still not fully recovered. You need a break to quickly resuscitated with a sleep. Many studies show that the broken sleep can also increase the risk of infection colder. Therefore, in addition to rest once caught a cold, we also need to maintain adequate sleep for health is not affected offline!

Eat soup or hot food

After waking up, though health was better, but we still need to maintain the use of warm dishes. We will help the body to maintain temperature and not to cold infection recurrence. A hot bowl of soup or porridge not only warms from within but also provides additional nutrients for the body. In addition, the warm drinks like ginger tea or milk that will be very useful!

Adding vitamins to increase resistance

In the family medicine cabinet, you should be ready multivitamins helps increase resistance or some herbal drinks have increased health effects for themselves. Weekdays, the vitamin helps increase resistance are urgently needed, but the cold when the body is infected, the more tired you need to make additional vitamins to the body can afford the best fight disease.