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Do you have oily skin, acne more attention ne! Wash your face "strict standards" Weather and dry winter air and dust often than usual. It not only makes the skin chapping, peeling, but also create conditions for dirt and bacteria to enter the skin, causing  acne , make acne grows more and more difficult to treat. To prevent this, we need to know how to wash your face fit winter weather. 

beautiful healthy hair

No need for expensive salon, your hair still pretty healthy and long ultrafast only through scalp detox mask this! Why should detox the scalp? When care  hair , we often only interested ponytail forget its roots. Main new scalp hair department decides whether or not you beautiful. Scalp and hair to help clean oil off the ball, floating naturally and grow faster. However, the scalp that causes dandruff and dirt and hair loss. 

Anatomy of secret "ageless" by the Korean pork skin

Pork skin can make the skin a plump 45 year old woman, white maiden pink as 20. But the truth is Foursquare? Pork (pork skin) - "elixir" inexpensive skin. In a show of beauty of Korea, a 45-year-old mother Ma Seung Gi did all admiring audience for skin as his maid. There are no wrinkles, her skin was plump, rosy spotless and looks really healthy.

If you want to lose weight, apply the correct "one day plan"

The way the event will promote the process of metabolism, causing the body to operate more and help you lose weight fast! When he woke up Do not think less meals will make you lose weight offline! Breakfast is something you can not lack in the early days, because they will help increase the metabolism very quickly, especially if you eat breakfast a first hour after waking. 

Forget pressed white balance and support it! You can still sexy "deadly" with the following 5 tips from supermodel beauty Gigi Hadid. Gigi Hadid - "she fat" hottest fashion 2015 No wires owns his body, flat as high fashion modeling majority (high fashion), but  Gigi Hadid  is still the name most mentioned in the past year as the newest angel Victoria's Secret, and the beauty icon with 11 million tracks on instagram.

Before deciding to invest a large space for eye cream, try right recipes extremely easy DIY later! Why you should use eye cream? We are willing to spend lots of money to invest in skin care products, but the most sensitive part of the face is the eyes is often overlooked. Eye skin is very thin and vulnerable, as well as most parts of aging quickly because of environmental impacts.