Blue Flower

Pork skin can make the skin a plump 45 year old woman, white maiden pink as 20. But the truth is Foursquare? Pork (pork skin) - "elixir" inexpensive skin. In a show of beauty of Korea, a 45-year-old mother Ma Seung Gi did all admiring audience for skin as his maid. There are no wrinkles, her skin was plump, rosy spotless and looks really healthy.

Surprise over the secret of Ma Seung Gi is simple and incredibly cheap: Each week, she offers a facial with ... pork to add collagen, skin "rejuvenation" quickly.

After the program, not only Ma Seung Gi become famous and sought-after cosmetic firms, which mask pig skin envelope also become mainstream. How to perform very simple, you just need to:

- Buy pork, fat and hairy purified, cut into small cubes

- Place in steamer over medium heat for 1 hour

- Pureed into slurry, apply on face and wash off when still warm with cool water after 20 minutes.

Easy but effective as of pork was rumored to be extremely magical: Not only helps firm skin, stretch the ball regardless of time, but also pork skin surface smooth and clean blackheads. After only 1-2 up, you will see visible skin changes. But before trying to approach this strange beauty, you see it has left certain advantages and offline!

Use pork mask so safe, effective

Pork collagen indeed visibly beautiful skin. But you need to choose and use caution if you do not want to "take art in itself." Remember:

- Only collagen supplement through the skin surface is not enough. You need to provide collagen to the body through the foods like avocados, nuts, protein-rich dish ...

- Make sure you buy pork clean, not contaminated or use too many chemicals.

- You should clean carefully pork and brine to remove all residue, bacteria ... may also stagnate.


- Do not store pork in the refrigerator but only 1 time and use and avoid products metamorphosed, rancid.