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No need for expensive salon, your hair still pretty healthy and long ultrafast only through scalp detox mask this! Why should detox the scalp? When care  hair , we often only interested ponytail forget its roots. Main new scalp hair department decides whether or not you beautiful. Scalp and hair to help clean oil off the ball, floating naturally and grow faster. However, the scalp that causes dandruff and dirt and hair loss. 


Every day, the skin is exposed to a lot of contaminants including dirt from the air, lubricant excreted from the pores and especially hair styling products. Long days, the dirt will accumulate scalp lose nutrients and caused a series of hair problems. Therefore, you need to set aside each month to the scalp detox stay healthy beautiful hair. Imagine, your skin also needs exfoliation 2-3 times per week now!

What do you gain scalp detox?

The first benefit is the scalp clean, all oil and will reduce dandruff. Even if regular detox, you will reduce the number of shampoo because hair is always shiny and flat less than. This not only helps you relax more, but also protect hair from too much exposure to chemicals.

Second, dry scalp will provide valuable nutrients to help hair grow long and thick. If you have problems with thinning hair, scalp pressed, or missing hair cut too short, then the regular detox will help you quickly haired hold bềnh as standard.

Recipes for healthy hair beautiful detox

Let's check the scalp detox formula right back!