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Do you have oily skin, acne more attention ne! Wash your face "strict standards" Weather and dry winter air and dust often than usual. It not only makes the skin chapping, peeling, but also create conditions for dirt and bacteria to enter the skin, causing  acne , make acne grows more and more difficult to treat. To prevent this, we need to know how to wash your face fit winter weather. 

You should choose a cleanser with high moisturizing properties, natural extracts and active milder detergents. Water for washing should only blow warm air in just enough to not be cold, avoid overheating by water washing will irritate the skin, making the skin drier and facilitate development of acne.

Select the drug / acne cream with soothing ingredients

The skin is often dry in winter, thinner and more sensitive. Therefore, the impact of the strong chemical ingredients easily cause adverse health affects the skin, the skin smooth and acne grows larger. Therefore, the use of acne medication, acne cream also needs utmost attention.

We only use creams or mild drug ingredients, preferably those with natural extracts. This choice can make the acne lasts a little longer but will ensure safety for our skin in the cold winter days.

Enhanced water

Water is necessary for the skin, especially acne. Moreover, the dry weather of winter, the water becomes important. It will help enhance skin moisture, healthy, reproducing rapidly, causing rapid flooding hateful acne was "chased". You should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day. Besides water, you can add fruit juices, especially fruits high in vitamin C such as oranges, lemons ... This will help a lot in the treatment and prevention of acne.

Enhanced moisturizing

Many of you often think that will moisturize the skin and stimulate acne secrets. This view is totally false because otherwise moisturizing, the skin may become dry and lead to the production of sebum, which leads to acne.

Efficiency measures help reduce acne, dry skin in the winter anti - Photo 3.

The moisturizing is essential in winter. We only need skillful in choosing moisturizer for your skin and matching the weather will not have to worry about acne anymore.

Do not forget the mask

Mask is indispensable stage in the care of the skin, especially the skin of acne. We should use masks from nature such as cucumber, tomato, yogurt ... The vitamins and moisturizer that not only enhance skin moisture, but also very good support to get rid of flood Acne obnoxious.

Efficiency measures help reduce acne, dry skin in the winter anti - Photo 4.

Protect skin when the road

Dust, bacteria are "enemies" of the skin. In winter, these factors become more dangerous because of the dry air much more. So do not forget to protect and shield the skin when they go out with accessories like glasses, masks ...